HoofsnHorns Farm Sanctuary has partnered with Mountain Pass Soap Company!
I remember years, decades ago the best boss i ever had told me never to try and do everything yourself.. he said, find someone who either does it better or train someone and let them do it.. 
his words echoed in my head the day I found this soap.. 

Jennifer uses the exact packaging I love, natural colors and ingredients far beyond anything I have been able to find or create.. she is a master soap artist!

This is the soap I have in my shower and beside my sink.. and being able to purchase this amazing soap saves me so much more time to focus on the animals..

please try this soap, let her know you found her thru our link, you are still helping us feed the animals here 

thank you!
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More wonderful products from Mountain Pass Soap Company.. 

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lip balm                           beard & body oil                                    castille soap                                    aloe vera lotion