HoofsnHorns Farm Sanctuary
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Udder MotherFounding "fathers"

We're committed to helping those animals who come to us in need, who are abandoned, neglected, or just worn out.. many come here for their last years or sometimes days of life and others are here to do life with special needs. They all have one thing in common, it seems everyone else gave up on them.

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there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear         1 John 4:18
Our Residents
help us help them
We can't do this without you! 
We have the housing, the knowledge & experience and amazing resources. We are here to do the work, but we need your help to feed & care for their daily needs. Hay needs are four bales a day, minimum, in addition to other feed & supplies, you can help today.
Browse these beautiful faces & amazing souls, they each have a story, a personality, they would love a special friend, a sponsor in their name. Adoptions out are few as many have already been through too much change and need peace but they still need us and we need your help to ensure they are happy, healthy & cared for. Love is the easy part.
Meet Kernel!

Kernel is an older gentleman, a shetland pony, about 20.. too thin.. has broken teeth embedded into his cheek and some very crooked teeth.. he is on special feed and can really use some sponsors to get his specialized dental work done to get him fat and sassy!  We normally do not jump at the chance to take on equines as they do have specialized needs that we often don't automatically have rescources standing by to attend to and we have amazing equine rescue partners...however, as usual, we allow our heart be our guide and God sent this guy to us in no uncertain terms.. We are happy to even know him! He is a little shy of men at first and prefers his medical and dental help to be female..duh! but feel free to come visit he loves grooming! you are welcome to donate to his care online and he would very much appreciate having some friends in his corner!

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