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YOU can make a difference here!
there are so many ways to help these amazing animals we call our residents, and to help us be prepared for emergencies that may come up and just to help make their live just a  little better, more fun, a little safer or more secure. see what catches your eye, you can donate directly, you can contribute to the feed fund, you can just shop online or locally where you normally do but select us as your favorite charity and a percentage comes to us directly! its as simple as that.. you can even sign up for a monthly donation with your credit or debit card and paypal.. and rest assured you are making a difference to us, to each and every animal there now and in the future, we can't so this without your help.
If you already shop at Frys, Bashas, Kroger, Dillions and more, just link your rewards card through the community giving program and a percentage of purchses comes to us.
Select us as your charity of choice.. sign up and shop, thats all ya have to do to help our animals every time you shop online through Amazon

Ebay also gives you an option to select and help the charity of your choice~ choose Hoofsnhorns Farm!
Shop online?
Click here to use any credit or debit card or Paypal account. you do not have to have a Paypal account
be sure to select "send money to friends & family" there are no fees!
Double E Feed & Supply 520-682-8175

Triple L Feed  520-682-9660

to the feed store account
What we need right now...

Shortly before Christmas, we accepted an abandon herd of large goats from our county Animal Cruelty Task Force..a whole herd of 17 large goats.. many are pregnant and are starting to deliver with problems (no milk) due to prior poor nutrition.. 

we are looking for help to purchase large corral panels to seperate the males (who seem to be able to fly to reunite with their ladies) 

and help with feed especially for the pregnant and soon to be babies..

How you can help... donate.. call in feed.. help with other items we must purchase to help offset the added expense.. and maybe come help with fencing soon!

good quality alfalfa hay 
(right now around $13/bale.. we need 5-6 bales of hay each day to feed everyone here

high quality high protein ration for goats to be able to produce milk and nourish babies
several brands at each feed store are available between $16-19 for a 50lb bag currently one bag lasts us a few days

Pot bellied pig food but any hog feed will be fine
usually about $12-15/ 50 lb bag we go thru a couple of bags a week, as some of you who have visited know we recently helped with a baby pig rescue, took on two homeless and injured pigs in addition to several older special needs pigs who already call this place home

POULTRY FEED  for laying hens & scratch mix 
we have several laying hens and have taken on many homeless roosters and ducks who enjoy the scratch mix
(usually between $12-17 per 50 lb bag.. we need about three bags a week)

we have several senior and toothless dogs who need a small soft kibble.. they love Kibbles n Bits little bites
and almost any other small sized kibble

we have several large dogs and of course our very important pack of livestock guardian dogs
they need good dry dog kibble and aren't picky about the size :)

​you can call our feed stores with a donation and they will know what we need.. thank you!