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YOU can make a difference here!
there are so many ways to help these amazing animals we call our residents, and to help us be prepared for emergencies that may come up and just to help make their live just a  little better, more fun, a little safer or more secure. see what catches your eye, you can donate directly, you can contribute to the feed fund, you can just shop online or locally where you normally do but select us as your favorite charity and a percentage comes to us directly! its as simple as that.. you can even sign up for a monthly donation with your credit or debit card and paypal.. and rest assured you are making a difference to us, to each and every animal there now and in the future, we can't so this without your help.
If you already shop at Frys, Bashas, Kroger, Dillions and more, just link your rewards card through the community giving program and a percentage of purchses comes to us.
If you shop online...almost anywhere, take advantage of special deals at places you already shop.. just sign up (free) and automatically they add $5.00 to our account.. then just shop.. click the Igive icon when you do and a percetage comes to help the animals its that simple
Select us as your charity of choice.. sign up and shop, thats all ya have to do to help our animals every time you shop online through Amazon
Shop online?
gift cards always fit
Check out our Amazon Wish List while you are there
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My apologies for the poor quality of the image of our wish list.. i'm working on fixing it!

the text version of the current needs list is:

we pay $11/bale and feed four bales a day
donations can come to us or to the feed store
Triple L Feed & Supply 520-682-9660

old man Murphy needs dental work
and a grooming.. not sure of pricing yet.. in research phase


Libby is due for her valley fever labs and titer test
this usually runs us $175 for office visit, blood draw & test
her medication is $60 for three month supply
*we are hoping and expecting good results and to not need this again soon*
Donations can go to 
Dr. Heller at Homeward Bound Veterinary


we are gathering wood fence panels and building supplies
to securely fence the perimeter of the sanctuary
this will keep our animals safe and allow our guardian dogs to patrol yet stay home and out of harms way
the panels are available at most building supply stores 
shown in the flier, Lowes $49
need posts, screws, concrete.. misc hardware
we are going to need about 100 panels total unless we combine with other fencing


we need chicken feed,
general all purpose livestock feed and pig feed
we go through at least one 50lb bag every three or four days
available through our feed store and walmart!

we also use large mineral salt blocks in each animal corral
a typical block will last a few months
when we can only afford a couple of blocks, we break them up 
into each yard and use them in smaller pieces


As you see by visiting or shopping here on our site
we enjoy offering our supporters something for their money
so we make one of a kind gemstone jewelry, soap, lotions and other goodies.. 
we shop for our supplies at Michaels, walmart and several online suppliers.. 
we can also get better deals on our tshirts
calenders & other gift items when we buy in larger quantities


although we are (almost) up to date on horse hoof trims
and dental work.. we always need help financially in this area


and of course we try and keep the transport vehicle & farm truck legal and running.. 
in additon to the lights on and the water running
so.. everything helps us!


the more help financially that we can count on, the more we can keep everyone who lives here and needs us safe & healthy 
it also helps us be available to take on emergencies and others who need us

we appreciate you.. our friends 
our farm family
we do this together