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Daisy's Wildflowers
..this page is under construction, please continue to visit us...
On a cold yukky day here in Arizona we were contacted about a sweet little goat who needed help

we drove to pick her up and went straight to Adobe Veterinary Center across town

Daisy had possibly been bred way too many times and was having health issues, including a prolapsed uterus. Dr. Staten at Adobe Veterinary Center worked to get her comfortable and we waited until she was closer to giving birth when a surgery to remove the babies was most likely going to be necessary

After a long uncomfortable weekend we all decided we would do the C-Section on Monday morning
she had appeared to be in the beginning of labor and we prayed the babies were ready to come

As fate would have it the timing was perfect and Daisy was in labor when we arrived early in the morning

Dr. Staten and her amazing team were able to deliver the babies, every time she thought they were done she went to check "one more time" and we ended up with FIVE beautiful perfect healthy babies!

Daisy had been so worn out, her poor little body so heavy and depleted from growing these dear souls, she just continued to decline. She did spend a little time with the first few and knew they were out and safe but unfortunately she passed on to heaven the next day.

babies in jammies!
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our silly little wildflowers have grown (wider mainly) and continue to bring joy to all who visit.. the students usually spend time with them after class and they have fans all over!.

i promise to update here soon!