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The Last few years we have been blessed to participate in Arizona Gives Day..and thanks to your support we won 1st in 2018 and last year, we won our little "micro" category! This gets us extra cash in prizes!

We have raised (and won) enough money to order and construct special heavy duty (20 feet x 6 feet tall welded wire) livestock fence panels to safely secure and upgrade all of our animals from their old recycled fences in our first year, and the next year, we built our first ever real BARN!

We have raised funds for a much needed tractor! And HAY! in addition to hoof-trims, shearing help & medical care

Many of our corrals are large and often need cleaning and maintenance, and most importantly we want to always give loving, dignified care and burial to even our largest animals
Every time we must rent a tractor it cost between $300-500. With our little tractor we can assist in lifting our large animals when neccessary, provide our own burial and corral and farm maintenance.

I met Shelby and the Hoofsnhorns Farm Sanctuary back in 2016, when a friend and my husband suggested I reach out to them. I was having a hard time with a sick goat, and Shelby got me set up with a fantastic farm vet and supported me as I worried through what would eventually be a loss. When my guy passed, I was beyond myself and reached out to Hoofsnhorns Farm Sanctuary. I not had a lone goat on my farm, but had no way to quickly pick up a companion for her. Shelby, that same day, gave me a goat, Petra, who she knew would do well with my other sweet girl, Po. She ended up being Auntie Petra when Po had babies. Shelby helped me through this situation as well. 
Aside from my own farm drama, which Shelby and Hoofsnhorns Farm Sanctuary has celebrated and mourned with me through, they have been a place for me to refer volunteers to. One volunteer in particular loved his work there so much, and felt unconditionally accepted and appreciated by Shelby. The work they do there is more of a blessing to our community than many can begin to understand.
Patricia Williams
What others have to say..
I have worked with Shelby at HoofsnHorns for the last 12 years. She has been am invaluable resource for our students to obtain large animal handling experience. Shelby has the biggest heart of anyone i know. She turns nothing away and everything is given the best chance possible. She does not give up on any animal regardless of however insurmountable it may seem. Shelby has done so much to improve the lives of the animals that reside at her rescue. Every cent she gets is poured back into making Hoofsnhorns a better place. 

Jennifer Serling C.V.T. , A.S, BVSc
Veterinary Programs Director 

"My niece, Chloe, and her friends drove through the Saguaro National Park trailhead at Camino del Cerro one night, and Chloe saw a little, white pot-bellied pig lying in the dirt!  She stopped, and against strenuous objections, put the little pig in the back of her car. The piglet had a badly swollen snout with ligature marks around it, couldn't walk and was terribly traumatized. Chloe called me and the next day we found the wonderful animal sanctuary, HoofsnHorns, and brought the poor little piglet to the owner, Shelby. In no time, little "Annie" the pot-bellied pig had recovered from her ordeal (which we think involved roping), was eating, and playing, and completely restored. She now lives a wonderful, safe, happy life at Hoofsnhorns Farm Sanctuary. This organization is one of the truly beautiful ones. And if you ever visit, bring our girl (Annie) some apples or carrots from Terri and Chloe!"

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Tiny Grace was a Holstein-Angus cow and surprisingly well over a year old, we do not know why she is stunted and remains the size of a young calf, so very small for her age but seems healthy, our vet saved her from being sold for meat and she now lives here, learning to accept being cuddled and loved on.
Shes a big healthy girl now.

With your help we are able to save these amazing souls 
and give them a safe, happy, healthy life

Zuko arrived at three days old
A family reached out to us fearing this little baby goat had broken legs. He was unable to walk and could only drag his crooked little back legs

We took Zuko in and gave him lots of love and medical care and a bottle every couple of hours!  He had to wear icky splints on his legs that were changed every few days as he grew and began to improve. He endured lots of physical therapy but within a few weeks he was bouncing around as if nothing ever held him back. Today he is a perfectly perfect little guy!
Zukos best buddy is Ramby

Ramby came here when he needed a safe place to go. His human mom raised him from a baby and loved him very much but fearing for her own safety it was not safe for Ramby.  He needed a place to go quickly. Ramby came here and soon made friends. Months later, his mom was able to visit and
felt very relieved to see him so happy and healthy. We are blessed to be able to give Ramby a safe loving place to live while also helping his first mom have peace of mind.
Ruger & Dougie
Dougie is one of our old guys, he came here several years ago when his owners daughter was severely ill and they could  no longer care for his medical needs. Dougie had already been to a few homes before that one and we even found a great adoptive home for him initially, however they could not afford to keep him healthy. So thats enough of that.  Dougie loves everyone and is in general very healthy but has old issues with his feet so he has some special needs and requires special hoof care.  He will no longer be adopted out as we do not believe its fair to continue to ask him to adjust to new places.

Dougie passed away last spring here in his home surrounded by his friends and family. We believe he was 23.
We don't make it a habit of doing a lot of equine rescue. We partner with a couple of trusted rescues nearby who are much more experienced at training, evaluating and developing both horse and rider. However, we go where our heart leads and one day last summer we were led to Ruger. This amazing fella is only six years old but was suspected of having spinal injuires and was being sold for meat. The poor woman who tried to save him could not keep him on leased property and had no funds for horse care so she sought rescue. 

Most horse rescues must try to recoup costs by being able to rehabilitate and adopt out the horses they take in but no one saw much promise in this guy.  

So we were led to save him. It was a 12 hour day way up north in a thunderstorm but he walked right in the small trailer we borrowed to fetch him!

The veterinarian checked him out right away and found nothing causing him pain. He needed some work on this feet and teeth and some weight but all that is easy.

The jury is still out on Ruger, if he will ever be able to safely carry a rider but he is happy and playful and enjoys his life here so it really doesn't matter. We committed to him and will give him whatever he needs for the rest of his days.

He is funny and loving, like a huge dog, and we are blessed to have him among the herd.

Hoofsnhorns Farm Sanctuary
is different in many ways
We don't do a lot of intake and also don't have a lot of "adoptable" animals as we are often the last stop, many of our residents have had many stops before  landing here, many have needs that others don't have the time or energy to maintain, its not their fault
we work hard to give them anything they might need or want, good food, supplements, medical care, lots of love, things to play on, friends and family, 

Most will spend their last years or months of life here and most often we are here with them as they take that last breath. It is hard, often exhausting and heartbreaking yet we have seen many miracles 
and we never give up.
We need your help to provide what they need and can't do it without you

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