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Last year we participated for the first time in Arizona Gives Day..
and thanks to your support we won our little "micro" category!

We raised (and won) enough money to order special heavy duty (20 feet x 6 feet tall welded wire) livestock fence panels to safely secure and upgrade all of our animals old recycled fences! 

the yards are beautiful.. secured with telephone poles & railroad ties
wouldn't ya know..
 it snowed in Tucson this year
NO one was very happy with that..

I met Shelby and the Hoofsnhorns Farm Sanctuary back in 2016, when a friend and my husband suggested I reach out to them. I was having a hard time with a sick goat, and Shelby got me set up with a fantastic farm vet and supported me as I worried through what would eventually be a loss. When my guy passed, I was beyond myself and reached out to Hoofsnhorns Farm Sanctuary. I not had a lone goat on my farm, but had no way to quickly pick up a companion for her. Shelby, that same day, gave me a goat, Petra, who she knew would do well with my other sweet girl, Po. She ended up being Auntie Petra when Po had babies. Shelby helped me through this situation as well. 
Aside from my own farm drama, which Shelby and Hoofsnhorns Farm Sanctuary has celebrated and mourned with me through, they have been a place for me to refer volunteers to. One volunteer in particular loved his work there so much, and felt unconditionally accepted and appreciated by Shelby. The work they do there is more of a blessing to our community than many can begin to understand.
Patricia Williams
What others have to say..
I have worked with Shelby at HoofsnHorns for the last 7 years. She has been am invaluable resource for our students to obtain large animal handling experience. Shelby has the biggest heart of anyone i know. She turns nothing away and everything is given the best chance possible. She does not give up on any animal regardless of however insurmountable it may seem. Shelby has done so much to improve the lives of the animals that reside at her rescue. Every cent she gets is poured back into making Hoofsnhorns a better place. 

Jennifer Serling C.V.T. , A.S, BVSc
Veterinary Programs Director 
Pima Medical Institute
Shelby oozes compassion and knowledge in fact many times in her rural community she is the only person who knows what to do in a goat emergency and many people call her for help. I have seen her rush out to a ranch to help a family who’s to young goat is in a difficult labor and she works hours for the best possible outcome in a situation that is doomed to fail from the start to leave crying with the owners. Shelby is a fighter and a champion of the animals in her care, a while back the county called and said we have a small herd of goats we need a place to go. Shelby without blinking said we will provide refuge for them, bring them over. I worked with her erecting whatever fencing we could gather to make a pen so they would have a sanctuary when they arrived. When they arrived it was a mix of males and females, young and old, and for sure pregnant however there was a member of this herd missing, one of the goats was in bad shape at a vet unable to get up and walk. Shelby eventually got the missing girl and she went to work, inventing ideas, coming up with any idea of how to make this sweet goat walk again. Eventually with Shelby’s persistence sweet Joan would walk and eventually be able to get herself off the ground. See this is why Shelby needs a barn she will sit out in the middle of a goat yard in the pouring rain to make sure her charges and safe, she was out in the freezing cold the other night rigging up tarps and heat lamps to make sure from the youngest to the oldest would be warm and dry in this strange Tucson weather. Shelby just does, she goes without she doesn’t question why and she makes things work. When her sweet cow was down and the weather was crummy she build a barn with chairs and tarps and blankets to make her sweet cow warm and cozy, she came down to keep checking on her in the pouring rain because that’s what love is. See Hoofsnhorns needs a barn they make do with whatever is on hand but Shelby and her charges deserve so much more. A barn would mean sick goats wouldn’t have to come live inside Shelby’s house (although some might still end up there), a barn would mean that when there is bad weather those who needed could be tucked inside and ride out the storm. A lot of the animals at Hoofsnhorns are geriatric some are hospice animals a barn would give them a place where Shelby could take care of them and let them stay with their friends and their herd. Thank you for helping Shelby help those who need it the most.

Pima County Animal Care
"My niece, Chloe, and her friends drove through the Saguaro National Park trailhead at Camino del Cerro one night, and Chloe saw a little, white pot-bellied pig lying in the dirt!  She stopped, and against strenuous objections, put the little pig in the back of her car. The piglet had a badly swollen snout with ligature marks around it, couldn't walk and was terribly traumatized. Chloe called me and the next day we found the wonderful animal sanctuary, HoofsnHorns, and brought the poor little piglet to the owner, Shelby. In no time, little "Annie" the pot-bellied pig had recovered from her ordeal (which we think involved roping), was eating, and playing, and completely restored. She now lives a wonderful, safe, happy life at Hoofsnhorns Farm Sanctuary. This organization is one of the truly beautiful ones. And if you ever visit, bring our girl (Annie) some apples or carrots from Terri and Chloe!"

Will you join us? 
By Donating & sharing
We raised over $24,000 last year and this put us at the top of our category.. read more at AZGives.org
there are various cash prizes available from the most dollars donated, to the most during certain parts of the day!  Arizona Gives Day is an amazing way to put your dollars to work helping your favorite causes!

This year we need at least $22,000 for one Versatube steel barn kit.. 

Each and every dollar and every share and mention helps! We can't do it without you and we are very grateful
Log in to AZGives.org 

Thank You!
working on the new corrals..
HELP us to say YES


updates coming soon, 
barn construction beginning late May!! 

we will start scheduling regular visits and open hours hopefully in June or July once we get settled! 

contact us via email if you want to come volunteer.. 

fyi.. need muscle and able to work in the sun..

Donations can still be made thru Arizona Gives Day year round to help us with our barn, corrals, feed & care